Going for vintage pieces can be a fabulous option. If you buy it well. The great thing about vintage is it already went out of style once. If it withstood time, it’s timeless.

*Condition is everything. Beware of damage. Some pieces can’t be fixed & there’s only so much you can do.

*Stick to quality.

*Unless you’re a hardcore collector, select vintage that you can wear, not archive.

*Just because it’s got a label doesn’t mean it’s good. A vintage piece has to have good design. It has to be wearable.

*Always go with your taste.

*Vintage accessories can transform an outfit. You can wear the same little black dress over and over by changing your jewelry or clutch.

*With vintage jewelry, it’s not about demure and safe. It’s about statement. It doesn’t have to be a huge investment or real.

*You can mix your vintage pieces with something modern.

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