Back to Black

So, according to Starbucks it’s officially fall. But for us Miami ladies, it’s hard to throw ourselves into full fall fashion mode when it’s still so hot. I like to ease into fall. Layer by layer. A simple polish change from lighter to darker colors. When temps do finally drop, I love wearing chic boots. There are a few fall key pieces I like to invest in now, before fall is in full force & black tights are at the top of that list.

Black tights have never faded away from the fashion scene. They are versatile, lightweight, practical, and fashionable. Not only do they keep me warm during the fall and winter but I think they look gorgeous & always chic.

Choose the thickest, darkest tights you can find. Thinner tights spread out across the thicker parts of your legs and draw attention where you don’t want it directed.  The darker, thicker tights are more slimming, and sleeker looking.

It is always better buying quality pairs than loads of cheap ones. Invest in quality tights. It really makes a difference.

Spanx makes the best tights. They are excellent & high quality tights made of durable material that doesn’t easily snag or rip.

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