Pack like a Pro for Business Trips

I recently visited Portland, Maine for the opening of one of our hotel projects. I tend to overpack. I like to bring enough to give me variety without overwhelming me. But I have mastered the science of getting it all in one carry-on. ALWAYS carry-on. Especially if you are traveling with men on your business trip. They rarely check in bags.

First and foremost check the weather of the city you are traveling to & then make a list. Think more along the lines of packing by theme rather than packing by outfit.

I don’t typically wear business suits on these trips. I favor dresses, separates & on this trip I did bring a jumpsuit. I’ll show you how I made it work and transformed it from appropriate for investor meetings to drinks and dinner. I of course consider hemlines, necklines & I select accessories that are appropriate.

I use ALL available space when I pack my carry-on. I pack my jewelry inside my clutch. I stuff items into shoes. All liquids are in travel size containers.

My makeup bag goes into my purse. I always bring business cards, chargers, a pen, & this old school organizer I write everything down in.

Stick to colors and patterns that mix and layer easily. In my recent trip, I brought a lot of black and would use a jacket, a bold lip, or accessories as a pop of color.

Shoes should be comfortable and functional. My Valentinos did the trick. I was on my feet for most of the events and I didn’t have a problem. They are my “comfy” heels. I also packed comfy and functional flats and wedges for times I wasn’t in events and meetings & just exploring the city.

Always remember, accessories increase your outfit options. Think bags, belts, scarves, jewelry.

I use cosmetic bags for things other than make-up… for example, medium sized ones that hold head sets, my phone charger, travel sized hand sanitizer, etc.

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