Bon Voyage

Due to prior trips, I knew I would experience four seasons in one day! Irish weather is never very predictable, no matter what the season. No matter how bright and sunny it may be at dawn. During my trip, the rainfall was frequent. Then there were days that it was surprisingly warm (75 to 85 degrees). Some days were misty and overcast. Some days the mornings were bright & sunny yet the afternoons were cloudy, cold, and wet. But one thing is certain, Irish weather almost always comes with a rain guarantee. So I was prepared and brought some clothing to battle the elements. I brought a relatively light-weight jacket that was ideal. Sunglasses are a must. I did walk considerable distances, so I brought my most comfortable Sam Edelman flats and most comfortable wedges & sandals. Many rural attractions will involve walks over natural, sometimes rough ground. So if you plan on visiting those, bringing your most comfortable zapatos is absolutely essential. Even on a hot summer day the evenings did get chilly, so I brought a sweater and was prepared. Shorts were useless to me here. It was just too cold for this Miami girl.

My LV scarf gave me warmth and an accent to any outfit. My black blazer, was perfect to team with any of my jeans and it added a touch of sophistication. The key thing to remember is this: There is a summer in Ireland – but there will be rain even then!

The best way to pack efficiently for Irish weather is to take clothes that can be easily layered, so that as temperatures fluctuate you can take off a layer or add another one.

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