Teachers: 10 things you need in your work wardrobe

1. Comfy wedges or Heels

I love wearing heels – I wear them all the time and I love how they lengthen any look. However, when you are on your feet teaching ALL day, EVERY day, it is a rare woman indeed who is still standing in heels at 3 pm. My suggestion? Start your day in heels and switch to flats at some point OR do wedges. Choose a height you are comfortable with. I love pairing wedges with pants, wrap dresses & wide leg jeans. Go for a neutral color as it will go with more outfits.

2. Flats

Not all flats are created equal! Make sure they are comfortable. In my opinion, it is worth investing in some higher quality flats like Sam Edelman or Tory Burch that will last longer. There are flats with more support and more padding. Use inserts if you want more support. DO NOT WEAR CROCS.

3. Black dress pants

These are a wardrobe staple. They are an investment piece. I think it is worth the $$. Find ones that fit properly. Choose a dress pant that has a cut you like. For me, it’s a wide leg cut.

4. A wrap dress

You may need to step it up and wear a dress ex: open house night or a commencement or honor roll ceremony. If you don’t already own one, I suggest black. You will have more room to play with shoes and accessories and have more options.

5. A blazer

This is a wardrobe staple! Make sure it fits well. It will dress up any outfit. Choose a black or a navy.

6. A white or jean shirt

Both are very easy to dress up or dress down. Both match with any color or pattern. These are also great if you need to layer.

7. A necklace you can wear with anything. You can’t go wrong with classic pearls.

8. Black jeans- very easy to dress up or down and match with any color or pattern.

9. White jeans – same reasons to have the black jeans.

10. Dark wash jeans- for casual Fridays, a dark wash will give you a more sophisticated look.

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