July Favorites

Voya Maskerade

This mask gave my skin the pick me up it desperately needed. It revitalized it with proper hydration and gave it a much needed boost after all my busy summer traveling. It firmed up my skin and left it full of moisture. The hydrating powers of this product are insane.

Oh Hello Hair Mask

So in love with this product! It’s 100% natural and filled with hydrating goodness such as coconut and almond oil. It rehydrated my dry, processed hair and gave it incredible shine.

Max Benjamin candles

These will not dissapoint! Try the French Linen Water. It’s a soft floral aroma of relaxing lavender, sweet orange & light citrus. A lovely, clean & soothing fragrance.

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

A balm that instantly moisturizers, brightens and tightens. It gives a gorgeous glow and helps makeup last all day.

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