Style Series – Rule numero uno – Know how to edit

Buy only what you like AND what you know will look good on you. Edit your closet. Your closet should only contain pieces you love & that you know you will wear. I would rather have a handful of items that I know fit me well, rather than 20 or so pieces that don’t fit particularly well & I know I won’t wear them. I am not interested in trends. Forget if it’s the latest “it” item everyone is wearing or if you bought it many moons ago and can’t bear to give it up. If it does not look good on you, get it out of your closet. How many people do we know with closets that are jam packed with clothes, but how many items do they actually wear? Do any of those items fit well? Are any of those items flattering? Once you edit your closet, you will easily edit your shopping habits 🙂   THROW OUT what you don’t wear. If you don’t remember the last time you wore, get rid of it. Throw out what does not look good on you. Buy your correct size. If you are a 10, buy a 10. Do not buy a 6 because you plan to lose weight. For me, I’d rather enjoy clothes in the present, in the here & now and be in the moment. Do not buy something you will probably never wear just because it was on sale. Don’t get me wrong, paying half price for an expensive item is fabulous. But if you don’t really need that item, or you know you will probably never wear it, don’t do it.


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