Closet Detox

* clean out your closet twice a year

* DO NOT do the detox alone. Have someone there, like me 😄, to be the voice of reason and help you.

* get rid of your white plastic hangers. They look cheap and they don’t hold clothes up very well. They also take up more space in your wardrobe. Give your closet more real estate space and invest in the thin velvety ones. You can buy them at The Container Store. Because they are more pricey, if you are on a budget, buy them little by little. I paid 8.99 for a pack of 10. Also, your clothes will hang nicer. I feel the plastic ones can make clothes sometimes lose it’s proper shape.

* what should you get rid of? Anything that does not fit you anymore. Anything that you have not worn in a year. Anything you don’t remember the last time you wore it. If something has a sentimental value, but you don’t wear it, put it in a box. Anything over worn, washed one too many times and it looks like it, get rid of it. Anything with stains that are never coming off, adios!!

* keep your closets seasonal. Here in Miami, we don’t really have seasons. Otherwise, when it’s winter, your closet should have your winter wardrobe. If it’s summer, your closet should only have the summer pieces you will wear and your winter pieces should be put away. So that when you open your closet you see the things you will actually wear.

* make 3 piles. A keep pile- the pieces that fit and flatter you. A donations pile, and a pile of things that don’t fit, but you can tailor.

* repeat this process across your entire wardrobe, all the departments. Shoes, accessories, bags, jewelry sticking to the same principles.

Happy detoxing!

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