Blonde Ambition

BLONDE 💁🏼 the most high-maintenance of hair color choices. I’ve been dyeing  my hair blonde for what feels like an eternity. I always wanted to be blonde. I always felt it looked so glamorous and chic. And the answer is ABSOLUTELY blondes always have more fun. And OF COURSE, gentlemen prefer blondes 😌 And YES, dyed blonde hair requires much, MUCH more maintenance and care. It is a lifestyle.

I do not touch up my own roots and I do not do my own color. My stylist touches up my roots approximately every 4-6 weeks, depending on how fast my hair grows. I get hi lights done twice a year. I trim the ends every other visit.

My hair is naturally dry and difficult. It is neither curly or straight, but something in between. I always look for moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to try and inject some hydration back into my hair, and so far, the Redken products and Pureology products combination is what has worked best. The duo works to improve strength, shine and overall healthiness of my hair, and it has been working for my parched locks. I only use these products twice to 3 times a week as I don’t wash my hair daily. I do comb the conditioner through my hair with a wide tooth comb and I don’t rinse it immediately.

Dyed blonde hair has a tendency to fade and turn a bit brassy, a bit too yellow – not a good look. But washing hair once in a while with a violet shampoo works to neutralize those nasty yellow tones and brighten the overall look of hair. I don’t do this at home. I only do it in the salon under the supervision of my stylist as you cannot leave it on for too long! I am due for this on my next visit to my stylist.

A hair mask is essential in a healthy blonde hair routine; if you’ve ever bleached your hair you’ll know how easily it can become dry and brittle, especially if you use heat when styling. Once a week, I load up my locks with this seriously hydrating coconut oil (I buy it at Navarro) or Oh Hello and let it do its thing. The result is soft, shiny, silky hair that looks and feels much healthier.

After every wash I use It’s a 10 leave in for blondes. This leave-in conditioner makes detangling hair pre-blow dry super simple, and leaves my hair looking fresh, smooth and it smells amazing! It’s incredibly nourishing and creates a soft and silky feel to my hair before I blow dry it. It also definitely helps with reducing fading.

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