Airport Style

Don’t throw fashion totally out the window. When it comes to dressing for a flight, of course you want to be in comfortable clothes. But dress with a bit of style. Do not wear a sweatsuit. We can do so much better than a sweatsuit. Not even an expensive one. Dressing well could help you get a free upgrade. If there is a woman in a sweatsuit and a woman dressed with a little more effort than a sweatsuit & there is the possibility of an upgrade, a little more effort beats sweatsuit every time. My mother taught me this valuable lesson: The way you present yourself matters. And she was right. The better you look, the better you will be treated.

So now that we’ve established we won’t be wearing sweats, here are some tips that work for me.

*Wear flats. But do not wear crocs. Again, we can do better than crocs ladies! This is one of the few times when you should not wear high heels. It is not fun to break out in a sprint for your flight in high heels. It is less fun to run for your flight in high heels, with two kids and a double stroller! Been there! WEAR FLATS. My go to travel flats are from Sam Edelman. I’ve traveled from Miami to Auckland in them, so I’ve really put them to the test. I’ve tried others. But these are simply the best. The other great thing about flats, they are easy to slip on and off when passing through airport security.

* I wear jeans. You can also do comfortable pants. And I layer, layer, layer. Think breathable fabrics, such as cotton. Think cardigan, scarf, blazer. I always wear sunglasses, if I don’t have makeup on… which I usually don’t. I always do my makeup on the plane. ALWAYS bring a chic oversized handbag that has ample space.

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