My Love Affair with the Eva Mendes Collection

I love Eva Mendes. She’s stylish, Cuban & glamorous. So when she collaborated with New York & Co. for her collection, I knew it would be fabulous. Pieces from the collection take direct inspiration and even resemble specific items from Mendes’ personal wardrobe, from vintage coats to costume jewelry. But what really gets me about her collection is the cut of her clothes. The cut of her skirts, dresses, & tops is remarkably flattering. I am curvy, average height. Curves can be sexy, but they can also make you look larger than you are if you don’t dress them correctly. Her clothes are slimming on me. I love that she recreates certain styles each season. I know what works for me, for my body type and I love that I can get my go-to pieces, that I know work, season after season.

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