Glam by the Minute

Being a mom of two = you will never leave your house on time ever again. Between getting both boys ready, getting myself dressed and everything in between, I end up doing my makeup in the car; not while driving! I am safely parked in my school parking lot 😌 I love doing my makeup, but I have very little time for it during the weekday morning rush. I’ve found a routine that works for me. If you aren’t familiar with my favorite glam advocate, Dita Von Teese’s book is pretty much the holy grail of all things glam. I learned some of these tips from her!

In 5 Minutes

-sweep foundation powder or face powder (I like Urban Decay or MAC studio Fix)

-red lipstick

-pull hair back

-slide on sunglasses

In 10 Minutes

-all of the above

-concealer under eyes and blemishes (I like Laura Mercier secret camaflouge and Nars creamy concealer)


-a touch of bronzer or blush

In 15 minutes

-all of the above

-a single shade of eyeshadow

-cat eye


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