What to Wear to an Arena Concert

Arena concerts are like the Disney World of concerts. Filled with special effects and ridiculously priced food & drinks, arena concerts tend to draw a pretty diverse crowd. You’ll see everyone from teenagers to baby boomers. Due to the venue’s grandness and the fact that everyone has their own seat, arena concerts also tend to border the line of somewhere between dressy and casual. I’m all for keeping it simple with a great top, a statement jewelry piece, comfortable bottoms and comfortable shoes. The idea is to be a little dressier, but still comfortable. A few factors to consider: You need to be able to dance, possibly walk long distances and, possibly stand for a long period of time. If you can do this in comfy heels, great! If you can’t, opt for flats. Boots are also a great choice, if they are fashionable, comfortable and of course the season for them.

Take a clutch or a clutch with a long strap. Don’t bring a bag that is over-sized or too difficult to carry. Just big enough to hold your necessary items such as phone,keys, concert tickets etc.

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