7 Summer Trends

1. Ruffled Dress- think dresses that belong in a modern day fairytale. Think feminine, dramatic, cascading ruffles. Definitely for the ladies that like a lux look!

2. Off the shoulder tops- the cold shoulder trend will remain huge this summer. Bare shoulders are sexy without being too obvious and there’s just something so breezy & beautiful about this trend.

3. Eclectic bags- more is more!

4. Lace up flats- for those in need of an upgrade in the flats department, I’m loving what a skinny lace can do for flats!

5. Long Statement earrings- this would probably be one of the easiest style updates to try at home 🙂

6. Block heels- born in the 70s, made an appearance in the 90s and now they’re back in 2016.

7. The scallop bikini- show off those curves!

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