Beach Style

I realize that most people don’t put much thought into their beach outfits and to be honest, I’ve been guilty of that before! But adding a few stylish essentials will take your basic beach look to chic.

1. Swimsuit- KEY component. I’ve recently been really loving the cold-shoulder trend and I found the perfect one here. I’m also loving these bottoms.

2. Cover-up- Absolutely essential for beach days. It allows you to transition from the beach to lunch by the pool, if needed. They are definitely stylish. I love this one.

3. Hat- At 37, I am not interested in over exposure to the sun. The hat is essential for me. Beach days are long and it’s a pretty simple way to protect my face and neck. I’m loving floppy hats, that can handle being bent up and won’t become shapeless.

4. Sunglasses– So important for eye protection, especially in this relentless Florida summer sun. And so stylish. 

5. Sarong– Perfect for beach walks and it will elevate your look.

6. Beach Bag– The most important thing I look for, is sturdiness. Going to the beach with two kids means my beach bag needs to have ample space and must be strong. I carry everything and anything in there. Mine is also so chic, it can actually double as a chic tote. They also have it in black, which makes for a great airplane carry-on bag.

7. Jewelry- Jewelry will elevate any outfit and that includes your beach outfit! I’ve been into these long necklaces.

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