The Best Months to Score Deals

January- This is a great month to score fall apparel for up to 80% off. Around this time fall items go on final clearance. It’s also the perfect time to save on activewear as it is usually nicely reduced for all those seeking to shed pounds in the New Year!

February- By now the fall items are cleared away and spring collections start to make appearances in stores. Not a good month for markdowns.

March- Excellent month to invest in sunglasses. Retailers are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of stock and more styles go on sale this month, than at any other time of the year.

April- Awesome shopping month! Stores like Bloomingdales and Shopbop offer 25% off almost their entire selections.

May- I usually find coats, handbags, dresses and swimwear nicely marked down this month. Nice Memorial Day sales especially for spring collections.

June- Amazing discounts on all spring merchandise.

July- Final sale and final clearance for spring collections and we start to see some fall collections make an appearance. Jeans get a nice markdown around this month.

August- More fall collections are arriving and if you are lucky you may still find some spring pieces on final sale.

September- Hello Labor Day and Back to School sales! Look out for September promotions and hot markdowns!

October- This is the month to buy jewelry. They get a nice reduction around this time of year. Also, around mid-October, when resort collections start to come in, you’ll start seeing friends and family sales.

November- Hello Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Prices on fall merchandise plummet and we see great deals on boots and handbags.

December- Fall collections will continue getting marked down. This is another amazing month to purchase jewelry as retailers receive a ton of new pieces leading into the holidays.

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