Casual Fridays

FRIDAY! My favorite day of the week! Such an awesome day and it makes me want to get all dressed up for it. However, I know it’s a fun day in the work environment to go to a different level of casual. But sometimes, people take casual Friday to an extreme. Yoga pants and Crocs are casual- but does that mean that you should show up to work in them? I think not. I love yoga pants as much as the next gal, but there is a time and a place for them; in a yoga class. Here are my tips on how to do casual Fridays.

* Don’t wear anything you would wear to the gym.

* If you are going to do open toe sandals, make sure your feet are looking polished. Please don’t wear them if you have dark, chipped nail polish and haven’t gotten a pedicure in forever.

* Don’t wear rubber flip flops. They are different than sandals. Rubber flip flops are for the pool, the beach, and a trip to the nail salon. Yes, they are very comfortable, but there are other footwear alternatives that are comfortable and will not completely “casualize” your outfit like a pair of rubber flip flops will.

* We can absolutely wear jeans, but don’t wear raggedy ones with holes that look sloppy. Go with a dark wash, as opposed to a lighter wash. Fit is important!

* Don’t wear sweats or loungewear

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