Brunch Style

* The idea for brunch, is to look casual yet chic. Blue jeans might be too casual, depending on the location of the brunch. So I like to opt for a white jean, especially in summer.

* I usually don’t have a lot of time for my hair. Almost every day of the week, I have it pulled back in a pony tail or a bun. However, for a special occasion like brunch, I will make some extra time and add curls or beach waves.

* It’s pretty terrible when you are looking your best and your nails look like they are falling apart. Plan ahead! If you know you are meeting your girlfriends or clients over brunch, make the time before to make sure your nails will look great too. A killer outfit doesn’t go with nails that are uneven and looking awful.

* Accessorize! This depends on your style, but some ideas are layering with some simple and cute pieces. The idea is to think simple and chic. Remember, this is brunch. It’s not a fancy night out.

* To me, the shoes are sometimes more important than the clothes. Right now in summer, I’m loving neutrals with details like tassels. Wedges are great too. Sandals with pops of colors go great with summer whites.

* If you want to wear a dress, that is 100% acceptable! I’m loving the off the shoulder trend in dresses, not just tops. Showing off the shoulders is sultry without being too revealing.

* You don’t have to wear a dress. Wear what is flattering on your body type and is comfortable & chic. Then add accessories that will amp up your look.

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