Build a Fragrance Wardrobe

For a date night I like something floral. My go-to date fragrance is Flower Bomb. It’s a full-bodied, delicious floral explosion that is perfection.

On weekends, I like to wear something with enticing citrus notes. I love the coconut and lime notes in Creed Virgin Island Water.

For a girls’ night a sweet fragrance with a hint of fruity florals is perfect. Daisy by Marc Jacobs has quickly become my girls’ night favorite fragrance. It’s alluring and long-lasting.

On vacation I gravitate towards something fresh that works for both day and night. I like Bobbi Brown’s Beach. It’s light and captivates summer.

At work I usually wear a classic and timeless scent. I’ve been loving Narciso Rodrigiez l’absolu.

At bedtime I love a warm and chic scent. Tom Ford’s Rive D’Ambre is my favorite.

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