Bedside Table Glam

1. Scented candles-Having a scented candle on your bedside table elevates the look of your bedside table and to me my house has to smell good! I discovered these Max Benjamin candles a few years ago. The brand has a lovely selection of scents but the French Linen Water is my favorite. I highly recommend it as it has a sophisticated scent, which is the perfect bedroom scent.

2. Books- I am the type of person who enjoys reading a book during my nightly routine. I find that it helps soothe my mind and focus my attention. While your coffee table might be an excellent spot for books with large pages and gorgeous photography, your bedside table is better suited to hold neatly stacked smaller books.

3. Jewelry dishes- Having a jewelry dish on your bedside table is essential if you love to accessorize. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than sleeping with a chunky watch on or big statement necklace. I don’t even sleep with my rings on. The dish will keep your jewelry organized–and can double as a coaster!

4.Florals. Flowers are the perfect addition to any bedside table–I love hydrangeas during the summertime, and roses in the winter. They bring life to your bedside table and go nicely alongside scented candles.

5. Jewelry Box-This is better suited for chunky jewelry that you wear daily that doesn’t fit in the dish. This is another essential if you love to accessorize like I do. If it’s too big or clunky for the jewelry dish, you can keep it in here. Also, I put things in here that I want close by, but look unattractive if you leave them out on the bedside table. Like the remote control, chargers and head sets.

6. Something fresh to spray on your sheets. I love Chanel. Some people love lavender. But Chanel is just feminine, soft and fresh.

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