White Jean Season

White jeans, the undisputed MVP of the spring-summer 2017 season. Let’s get right into how to wear them and how to pick the right ones for you. Don’t shy away from them! The most important thing, is figuring out what silhouette flatters your body type. For instance, I have an hourglass shape, so I go for a higher-rise as it elongates my body.  Another factor to consider is the fabric.  Make sure you stay away from fabrics that are too thin or see through. You definitely don’t want anything showing that shouldn’t be.

*Add color- I like to add color. I think of the white jeans as a neutral base and wearing color in my top or in my jewelry.

Monochromatic- Think simple black and white look. This is a great option if you want the look to be safer and a little more sophisticated.

Neutral- team white jeans with soft blushes and nudes. It’s a feminine and chic look. Keeping the look clean and fresh.

For this look, I styled my white jeans with stripes!





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