Fabulous Fashion on a Budget

What is style? There is a difference between fashion and style. Style is expressing your unique self, and we can absolutely do that on a budget! Not everyone who loves fashion has a flexible budget (or time) to spend on curating the perfect wardrobe full of high-end pieces. I am all about finding fabulous fashion on a budget and keeping my shopping simple. I take pride in finding an inexpensive top from Target and making it look stylish. This is probably one of the questions I get asked most frequently: How do you make inexpensive clothes look expensive? How do you look stylish on a budget?

1. Fit is everything
The first step to making inexpensive clothes look stylish? Make sure that everything fits impeccably. FIT IS EVERYTHING. If you’re choosing between pieces on the sales racks, always go for the one that fits better. Always go for pieces and fabrics that are well cut better and look flattering on your body type. If you find it difficult to find clothes that fit you properly, consider finding a tailor. Many minor alterations, even ones that don’t cost much, will make a major difference in the way your clothes fit.

The right accessories adds an element of polish and elevates your ensemble. The key is to choose pieces with versatility. I actually believe that the more accessories you own, the less clothing you will have to buy. It’s really in the accessorizing that you make those basic outfits more interesting. If you want to standout, accessorize. Think a fabulous pair of earrings or a unique bracelet that are great pieces that you’ll wear again and again. 

3. Hair and makeup

Even the most artfully put-together outfit will always look better if you pay attention to your makeup and hair. Styling your hair is a great way to look chic and polished. I know that I feel my outfits always look better if I’ve blow-dried or curled my hair. If you’re on a budget or don’t have the time for professional hair styling, try to take some extra time for yourself to do it at home. No time for an at home a blow-dry either? Pull it back for a sleek, sophisticated look. 

I think makeup is key if you want your look to read “glam”, which I do! However, do what works for you. For some women, less makeup is really more. For me, taking a little time to apply makeup is a gesture of self-care and personal nourishment. To me, wearing makeup does the same thing that accessories does, it elevates your look. And of course, sunglasses and a red lip= instant glam.

4. Shop your closet

Just like there are many things you’ve forgotten about in your kitchen cupboards, there are things in your closet that you’ve also forgotten about. Take some time, to take everything out and go through it & really reacquaint yourself with your wardrobe.

5. Know where to shop! Know when certain sales happen! Know when the merchandise comes in at your local Marshalls! Here are a few of my favorites to find stylish clothes, shoes and accessories on a budget:



T. J. Maxx

Nordstrom Rack



Style Mafia


Forever 21 

H & M




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