Spa Day or Night At Home

I was introduced to Shea Moisture products at a blogger conference and have honestly been hooked on them ever since. They are natural, organic, sustainably-produced goodness! I started with their hair masks, but quickly picked up other goodies and have never been disappointed. They strive to be sulfate free and paraben free whenever possible. I used these products to give myself a much needed spa night at home. After 10 days on a summer trip to Sarasota, my skin and hair were both in need of some pampering. I have yet to find the time to get myself to a spa, so I created the spa in my home 🙂 Bringing the spa to you is also friendly on your wallet! Here are my tips and what I did.


  1. Set the mood- light up your favorite candles, pour yourself your favorite drink, and set up your favorite Pandora station 🙂
  2. Hair treatment- after the Siesta Key sun, my hair needed to be softened and restored. The hair mask did exactly that! I’ve been into oils lately, and this product has Marula oil and Biotin. It was soothing and deeply hydrated my thirsty locks. I applied a generous amount into my clean, wet hair and covered it wth a shower cap. I let it work it’s magic for about 30 minutes and then rinsed it thoroughly. My hair felt thoroughly nourished, softer and hydrated.
  3. Face mask- I’ve been into coconut oil lately, and this mask is 100% virgin coconut oil. It made my skin softer and restored it after all the damage I did in the sun :/ I applied it to my clean and dry face and allowed it to soak into my skin for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, I washed it off with warm water and dried it with a towel. My skin was replenished and deeply moisturized! I liked this mask, but they also have a mud one that I am dying to try!
  4. Hand and Body Scrub- I love this scrub because I feel like it firms and tones my skin. Again, the coconut in it is incredible and it smells divine. I like to massage this product in any rough or dry areas and focus on areas I want to firm and tone.
  5. Body wash- After the scrub, I like rinsing with the illuminating body wash. the combination of the scrub with this wash, left my skin soft and radiant!
  6. Body oil- I actually used this product for a warm bath! Pour it into the tub to create a fragrant spa bath! I also used it after the bath, and rubbed it into my skin to lock in all the moisture!

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