What to Pack For a Fall Foliage Trip

Summer is the best time of year in Europe. There, I said it!

BUT as much fun as summer can be, it’s also crowded, more expensive and you won’t get that gorgeous fall foliage 🙂

So what should you pack? You can get all kinds of weather in the Autumn months, from near perfect days with temperatures in the 70s with sunny and beautiful blue skies, to almost winter, rains, and cold temperatures, particularly if you’re in Ireland and the UK.

It’s still one of the best times to travel to Europe with the smaller crowds and photo ops.

With a bit of creative packing, you can fit right into the autumn scenery without having to overpack and without sacrificing style.

Here’s what my packing list for my fall trip to Europe looked like:

1 heavy  jacket

1 light jacket

1 pair of fleece-lined leggings

2 pairs of blue jeans

black jeans

1 pair light travel pants

4-5 long sleeved t shirts 

4-5 short sleeved t shirts

A couple of knitted tops or chunky sweaters




Enough socks and undies for a week



Comfy and Cozy pjs




crossbody bag



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